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Dedicated to Tradition 

Everything we do here at World Famous Yum Yum Food Truck we do as a team!

Our family works together to make amazing food. We incorporate our passion for food service and using quality ingredients in our traditional recipes so that you receive an amazing experience each time you visit us. We love our customers and have been serving northern Utah for many years before we decided to expand to a mobile eatery. Our team has been doing local fairs and events for the past 10 years. 

We've grown a loyal fan base and are always exited to build our family. We would love to cater your next family celebration! Catering events is one of our favorite ways to get to know our patrons and their loved ones better.

In a mobile eatery,  so much depends on each individual team member we have. We appreciate your loyalty and support over the years and promise to continue to dish up traditional authentic Asian dishes. 

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Being in the kitchen is one of my favorite places. Everyone who knows me knows I am always cooking. I use the recipes from my home country, Philippines. I cook them the way they are supposed to be made, and everyone loves it. The ingredients we use are high-quality and the recipes are tried and true. What we serve keeps people coming back for more. 

Benjamin Pierce

Head Chef and Business Development Manager

We wanted to create this food truck together and make our dream a reality. We both love food service and have a passion for creating amazing food. I love working with customers to create their perfect catered event or party. I've always loved helping people create amazing memories. 

Erin Cotter

Catering and Social Events Coordinator

I'm thrilled my family started a food truck. It's really great to be able to work together and spend time together as a family. My dad is teaching me a ton about cooking and I've learned so much over the years attending food events with him. I also love our food. I grew up eating traditional food from the Philippines. Even though I wasn't born there, I love the food and enjoy traveling there with my family.

Brevin Pierce

Social Media Manager and Chef

I'm the youngest member of my family, for right now, and I love working the truck. It's really fun to see all the different people who stop by and try our food. I love seeing how much people enjoy our food. I am glad my dad is teaching me how to make these dishes. It's fun to work at the truck when I'm not practicing for football or in school. I am learning alot about business and helping my family at the same time. 

Bryson Pierce

Chef in Training