Our Cookbook

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Learn how to cook traditional Asian recipes

The head chef of our food truck will take you step by step and learn how to wow your family and friends. Our cookbook covers the basic ingredients and cooking utensils you'll need for making authentic Asian recipes. Plus you'll learn behind the scenes tricks on making amazing barbecue and meat marinades. 

Easy to Read Instructions

Our cookbook will feature easy to read instructions, so you won't feel like learning to cook traditional Filipino food has to be so difficult. Even when we go over more advanced methods of making egg and spring rolls, and cooking sticky rice, the instructions will be easy to follow.

Crowd Pleasing Events and Party Games

In addition to learning how to make advanced dishes and wowing dishes, you'll also learn how to set up an event the ways that are found in southeastern Asia. From using banana leaves to setting up a traditional Hawaiian luau. We will also teach you how to set up a few fun games that come from Asia. 

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